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September 28, 2018

Sweat 1000 – The Latest Trend In Fitness

Sweat 1000 – The latest trend in fitness

As a young South African, an active lifestyle is considered a valuable part of the daily routine. Fitness and health is something that receives significant attention in our modern and active culture.

Sweat 1000 is one of the best ways of achieving and maintaining an individual’s fitness goals

With studios in Cape Town, Johannesburg and most recently, Houston, Texas, this ‘cult’ workout has been in the limelight for a considerable amount time, receiving positive public attention from all sorts of hooked class-goers.

At Sweat 1000, the specialised instructors take your body where it has never been before and help you to realise your true potential. In each class, you’re pushed, motivated and inspired to work hard to achieve your fitness goals. This specialised form of weight, endurance, and athletic training, is a total body workout; comprised of a combination of interval training, functional training, core stability and agility training.

This intense 60-minute specialised workout is different every time

It helps burn up to 1000 calories in each session. The workout is fast-paced, combining treadmills, weights and mat work with little to no rest in-between. Furthermore, it ensures maximum, physically visible results, which has people going back for more. The energy during the workouts is totally addictive. The blue lights and upbeat music that is guaranteed to pump you up. In addition, it ensures that you achieve the ‘life-changing’ benefits that people rave about.

The trainers are approachable, friendly and encouraging. Furthermore, the studio has a positive sense of community. Sweat 1000 welcomes all fitness levels, but regardless of where you are at, you will work hard and sweat – a lot! If you’re still on the fence about this revolutionary form of exercise, take advantage of the free trial session offer – you won’t regret it.

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