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October 2, 2019

Range Rover SVAutobiography, stretching luxury to the limit in Africa.

Luxury in Africa seemingly needs to be redefined or put into context. As we emerge from a challenging past and into a brighter future, Range Rover effortlessly defines what practical refinement means in the automotive sense. Its quality makes a strong statement, laced with opulent royalty. The choice of presidents, super star celebrities and business leaders, this brand stands for supreme style, elegance and effortless class. In their own words, refined capability. Certainly no stranger to continent, it is arguably the undisputed ‘king’ in the off-road luxury segment, with little or no real competitor for miles. It has managed to achieve amazing success winning hundreds of awards for excellence in quality, engineering, performance and off-road ability. Currently under the able leadership of Mr Sanjiv Shah, its distributed by its new distributor Inchcape Kenya. The Range Rover and Jaguar owner has little to worry about. A 5 year, 150,000 warranty ensures you have uninterrupted driving pleasure over all possible terrain. It will wade through 900mm of water, crawl up steep inclines and in the same breathe, glide elegantly to a high-end red carpet event. According to Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Office at Land Rover, this is a sophisticated and modern vehicle with peerless characteristics from a unique lineage. It is difficult to argue with that. The suite of technologies embedded in this vehicle are so well packaged, they blend invisibly in the luxuriously appointed interiors. The SVAutobiography takes an already great product and stretches its offering. With a specification list that reads like a 7 course dinner, at 7 star hotel, with a five star Michellin chef at your disposal, it would certainly be hard to resist this vehicle if you are in the market for the best. The rear seat entertainment comes with 8 inch built in screens (10.2 inch mounted screens come in LWB version), as well as the amazing 1700 watt Meridian Signature Reference Sound System featuring more speakers than the month February in a leap year. In addition to that you will get wireless noise cancelling headphones. The Special Vehicle Operations division, currently headed by John Edwards, is tasked with protecting 45 years of Range Rover heritage with this bespoke SUV. British craftsmanship is demonstrated in many ways including the sliding load space floor built from aluminum and veneer. The rear can be customized to each customer’s exacting desires, including the rear center chiller compartment, deployable tables finished in Ebony leather. It is the most luxurious and precisely engineered Range Rover ever produced at Sollihul. On a past visit I was in awe at the level of automation and limited human intervention at the Premium Lightweight Architecture facility. The SVAutobiography is the ultimate Range Rover. You will get seats decked in organically-processed, supple soft leather, specifically sourced from one tannery. I particularly love the Poltrona Frau paired with Shadow Walnut Wood finish. All woods are grown sustainably and free of any imperfections. The features list includes gesture tailgate that allows you to open or close the upper and lower tailgate without touching the car or the key fob. Simply wave your foot on either side of the rear and like magic, the rear opens up. The distinctive difference between this car and the rest of the Vogue range is the knurled detailing. It starts at the Range Rover signage on the clamshell bonnet, to the rotary drive, air vents, pedals and even the start stop button. In addition to the reclining rear seats and more than ample legroom, you get an electrically controlled table. At the touch of a button it ejects from the wooden paneling of the center console and rests above your laps. The SVAutobiography does not fail in the power department and delivers 405kW from the supercharged 5.0 V8 that manages to sprint from 0 – 100kph in just 5.4 seconds on to a limited top speed of 250kph. If you are starting your journey with this brand rest assured you are getting pedigree and a rich heritage that begun in 1977. That is 45 years of quintessential British design and engineering experience. If you are curious log unto the website below and build your own unit. Have fun. A: Inchcape Kenya, Jaguar Land Rover Center, Oracle Tower, Westlands,  NairobI, |Kenya T: +254 730 191 000|+254 714 110 110 W: Inch Cape

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