Luxury Man Made Diamonds – To Save the Earth

January 24, 2017

What if I told you, you could own a diamond at a fraction of the cost? What if I told you, that these diamonds reduced conflict by extraction, meaning that no blood shed to extract them? What if I told you that the process of “mining” these diamonds, would have no effect on the environment?

Impossible? – Mimicking the process in which these precious stones are grown in Mother Nature, Inception Diamonds have designed the perfect process to create manmade diamonds (aka Created Diamonds), this allowing consumer to make a more socially conscious choice, without giving up beauty.

So do these Created Diamonds differ from mined diamonds? No, they’re optically, physically and chemically identical, both have the same lustre, fire and is 100% carbon. The only difference is the origin of the gems stones – They are grown in a laboratory and not from the earth – just as a greenhouse grown Orchid is identical to the one found in nature.
“Lab created diamonds is cultivated in a laboratory, but their quality, strength, optical finish, overall physical and chemical properties are absolutely identical to those of natural diamonds…” IGI – International Gemmological Institute 2016.

Below is a diagram which compares the properties of both Mined & Created Diamonds:

Diamonds                                           Created                                Mined

CHEMICAL                                                              C                                                     C

CRYSTALLINE                                                   CUBIC                                            CUBIC

REFRACTIVE                                                      2,42                                                    2,42

DISPERSION                                                     0,044                                                  0,044

HARDNESS                                                          10                                                        10

DENSITY                                                            3,52                                                      3,52

So why choose created diamonds as opposed to minded?

They are exactly the same as the diamonds that are formed beneath the Earth. Since they both carry the same molecular structure even highly qualified gemmologists are not able to tell the difference without extensive testing.

The environment isn’t harmed in the production of our diamonds. Not a single blade of grass is cut, nor a shovel of earth removed. Native habitats stay untouched, and fragile ecologies are left undisturbed.

Consumers who aspire to make socially responsible purchasing decisions and have concerns regarding “conflict” diamonds need not worry; all our stones are fully disclosed as lab created with a guaranteed origin. We fully support all efforts to eradicate conflict diamonds such as the Kimberly Process.

Classic white diamonds are between 30-40% cheaper than that of mined diamonds. Inception Diamonds are designed to be affordable without giving up on quality.

It is time to make a better choice………… CREATE FORVER with Inception Diamonds

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