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April 13, 2017

Angela Yeung, the award-winning South African jewelry designer behind the Impilo Collection, is collaborating with Chinese fashion designer, Chu Yan, to present a show at South African Fashion Week (SAFW).

Impilo Collection, a specialist bespoke and art jewelry brand, was approached to design a contemporary jewelry collection to compliment Chu Yan’s “A Date with a Thousand Years” clothing collection, which is influenced by traditional Chinese dress of the Tang Dynasty period.

The resulting jewelry collection is a continuation of the idea behind Angela Yeung’s “Connect” range, which won an award in the 2014 AngloGold Ashanti Auditions jewelry competition.

The “Connect” collection is inspired by circles, the celestial symbol of life, and is a celebration of the African soul.

The pieces in the new collection display precision laser cutting techniques and strong lines to emulate the artificial, divided world Angela Yeung experienced growing up in apartheid South Africa.

The stark, linear cut-outs in the jewelry are ultimately connected into beautiful, intricate lotus and sakura flowers to symbolize that no matter how much pain we go through, winter will always turn to spring.

This multicultural collaboration cascaded down the SA Fashion Week ramp in April 2017, much to the delight of the African fashion community. The show headlined at, The Park, Hyde Park Corner, as part of a very eventful #SAFW17. Chu Yan and Impala collection certainly ranked as a favorite during the week.

In review both lines have a very bright year ahead, with a winning combination of luxury jewelry and ready to wear fashion.

W: The Impilo Collection
W: South Africa Fashion Week

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