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April 29, 2019

Infinity Studios – The Ultimate Creativity Space in Cape Town

Infinity Studios is by far the most sensational space to be in. With the limitless creative possibility and diverse ability, you are able to create anything your heart desires. As you walk inside, the view outside the windows instantly catches your eye and is a feature all on its own, with the most exquisite scenes of Table Mountain, Lions Head and the CBD.

The studio is conveniently situated in the heart of Cape Town making it very central and accessible to anyone looking for a creative space to work with.

There are a number of feature walls that can be changed up and decorated as you like. We found the space as we arrived to be very versatile with so many different locations in one area, with so many possibilities. You can also bring your own props and own feel to your shoot, or you can make use of what’s already there – which is an incredible amount of set ups, props and surroundings.

It’s very contemporary but also very South African with an international edge. From the moment I walked in, I felt mesmerised at the amount of possibilities and imaginative freedom there was.

There is Limitless Possibility

The next thing you notice, aside from the view, is the infinity wall – it’s a pure white photographic dream. It is a fully constructed, permanent infinity wall that is used instead of rollout paper, a backdrop or a green screen. The curve allows for a seamless backdrop to any photograph or video.

So of course, being ecstatic about the infinity wall, the first thing we did after arriving was get down on the floor with Skye, the golden retriever, and started a very comfortable shooting session on the floor – because that’s what you do when you have an infinity wall, coffee and a golden retriever.

There is another remarkable space near the infinity wall, with a dining room set up when we arrived, that can cater for whatever inspired, intriguing or theatrical scene you envision. There is also the option of moving anything in front of the infinity wall, with 0 background – so that’s what we did!

Natural lighting throughout the space is fantastic. This makes it a perfect location for flash photography, obviously, but you can also effortlessly alternate between flash and natural light photography which is a really nice option to create moody scenes and high contrast images.

The inspired lounge, with its own backdrop and very interesting light effect created by a window in front of the wall, is the perfect place for castings, setting the mood, or even just to relax and have a break.

But Infinity Studios doesn’t end there. It also has a fully equipped, fully functional kitchen for shooting not just stills, but also videos. With ample counter space it is the ultimate place for filming, demos and workshops – with the infinity wall conveniently just around the corner, ready for all your photo creation needs. You can even change up the panelling of the cupboards to make them unique and fit the theme of the shoot.

The owner, James, has vast experience in the entertainment industry and events. Being a model himself, he knows the ins and outs of photography and videography. This is a passion project of his and having lived in Ibiza for a number of years, he’s manages to infuse a vast amount of global perspective and international experience – perfectly.

Throughout the studio, the finishes are beautiful, the layout is logical and it makes for a very comfortable, effective shooting space. There is a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere created by the open multifunctional areas, natural light and vast ability to adapt. Most of all it allows and welcomes whatever fresh idea your creativity brings.

“Nothing is more appealing to an artist than a blank canvas in a comforting and inspiring environment – the ability to express ourselves through all five senses is the core of creative joy and connection” – Infinity Studios

T:  James Pople on 079 420 9131,
E: James
SM: Facebook / Instagram

Photography: Khumbula Images

Written by Nicole Capper for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa