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November 13, 2019

Evoking our Inner Epicurean with the Launch of the Epicurean Wine 2012 at Zio Restaurant

Epicureans: passionate in their pursuit of pleasure and beauty in all its forms. And nowhere in this devotion is it more pronounced than in their love of food and wine. ” Based on this, the launch of the Epicurean Wines 2012 Vintage evoked the dormant disciple of Epicurus himself in us all, as we delighted in an afternoon of an exceptional company, food and of course, sensational wine.

There was an evident air of intimacy that permeated the afternoon which first emerged when we were greeted by Epicurean Wine’s accomplished Marketing Manager, Pontsho Maduna upon arrival. The busyness that gives Joburg city its energy was forgotten almost instantaneously as we left the inviting and perfect-for-summer piazza and stepped into the charming restaurant space. A table that exuded elegance in its striking and welcoming simplicity immediately drew the eye…as did the perfectly positioned Epicurean Magnums, begging to be tasted. But, before we delved into a remarkable afternoon feast, rich, deep voices enticed the ear followed by beaming eyes that twinkled with knowledge and anticipation…these belonged to the patrons of Epicurean Wine.

As we were served the 2007 vintage, proprietors Mutle Mogase and Moss Ngoasheng and former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa captivated our eager group with a trait that typifies African culture…storytelling: storytelling that was only enriched as the tasting experience began and Zio La Figmilia’s mouthwatering first courses of vegan and meat dishes danced on our palates. There is a warmth to the 2007 vintage’s tasting notes as dark berry, plum and cherry tobacco came to the fore as Mbhazima Shilowa expertly conveyed the characteristics of premium wines: characteristics that include complexity balanced with aromatic harmony and excellent longevity.

A feast for the eyes, and certainly our taste buds, the fine-dining main course was paired with the slightly cooler on the palate 2012 vintage. The three proprietors nostalgically continued their story-telling, relaying amusing memories of previous launches and their own love of good food and wine; all the while coaxing each of us to give voice to our experience of the wine as it revealed its character with every sip.  Giving off a deep crimson hue, the 2012 vintage debuted with prominent blackberries on the nose and this classic Bordeaux-style blend is leaner, more elegant and gratifying. It is no surprise that the Epicurean Vintages have been placed on par with its French contemporaries.

Every bottle bears the words of the Greek Philosopher Epicurus: “We should look for someone to eat and drink with, before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a lion or wolf.”

The food from the Zio Bistro’s kitchen was second-to-none. Around the table was a mix of exceptional company which included a legendary radio broadcaster, a pioneering writer, journalists, wine experts, Luxuria ambassadors and entrepreneurs. The conversation, fascinating information and laughter flowed as steadily as this premium wine. It is clear that the 2012 vintage (and certainly every vintage before) embodies the sophistication, warmth and allure of its proprietors. We had lived the afternoon as Epicureans ourselves which is without question the mark of the Luxuria lifestyle.

Congratulations Epicurean Wines on a notable vintage and launch.

Epicurean Wines
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Zio La Figmilia
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Written by Kim Jansen for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa