Editorial Team & Influencer Ambassadors

We are very proud to be working closely with the following growing global group of Luxuria Lifestyle international editorial staff and influencer brand ambassadors.

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Editorial Team: South Africa

Debbie Stone

Global Editor in Chief

Debbie has been an entrepreneur in the world of business and beauty since the age of seventeen when she launched her own chain of beauty salons and cosmetic clinics looking after celebrity clients from around the world. She loves to travel to luxury resorts.

Nicole Capper

South Africa

Nicole, Mrs South Africa 2018 is a functional medicine pharmacist, mother, model, presenter, ambassador for Rare Diseases SA and an advocate for women’s rights. Nicole uses her fitness to raise funds and social consciousness for causes close to her heart.

Janine Avery

Guest Writer
South Africa

Raised by a menagerie of artists, creatives, scientists, researchers, biologists and botanists, Cape Town based Janine is a lover of all things travel from basic tenting to luxury lodges. She also loves digital marketing and social media.


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Influencer Ambassadors: South Africa

Sara Adank

South Africa

International fashion extraordinaire Sara entered the South African fashion and beauty scene with engaging allure. With her remarkable sense of style and business panache, it is no wonder she has luxury brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior collaborating with her.

Candice Abrahams

South Africa

A model who was crowned Mrs World 2016 in China, after she won the Mrs South Africa title. Candice is a fashion and lifestyle influencer, and founder of NPO -The Candice Abrahams Foundation, this creates positive change for destitute women and children.

Nicole Bessick

South Africa

Beauty and brains personified, Nicole is an Actress, TV Presenter and Celebrity Boxing Champion living in Johannesburg, with a passion for action, speed, fitness.. She believes that “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all!”.

Savannah Negra

South Africa

South African born e-commerce owner of sustainable swimwear range, Bao and Paya. Savannah is a natural creative and qualified Interior Designer and has a flair for aesthetics. Savannah has a bachelor’s in Media and is career driven.