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Damian Jay Johnson


Damian, is a professional with a strong passion for Luxury Brands and the African continent. His history in hotels, retail, design and advertising have refined his skills in client relations and developed his taste for the truly fine parts of life. Having spent time traveling abroad he, has acquired a taste for the truly international. Luxuria Africa is a combination of his passions for luxury and Africa as a whole. Damian is committed to ensuring the world takes note of the raw potential for ultimate luxury, that lies unexplored within the continent.

Michael Mwai


Mwai is passionate about connecting people to great cars. He has been intrigued by the automotive world for over two decades and travels the world in search of that elusive ‘perfect’ car. He believes luxury can be practical and everyone deservedly should experience it at some point.

Maryanne Njeri


Kenyan, MBA student in Luxury Brands at HEC Paris School of Management, Maryanne also consults for luxury brands like Delage looking into the African market, research on African luxury consumers and writes for on luxury in Africa. Lover of Michelin star restaurants, haute jewelry, fashion, art and Pierre Hermes macaroons.

Christine Kagendo Esipisu


Christine Kagendo Esipisu is an accomplished journalist whose experience spans over fifteen years, most of which she worked in South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). She has contributed stories for BBC and Deutschwelle too.

Christine's career in Online, Journalism Communication, Media Law & Ethics, her vast experience intermittently as a Presenter, Editor and Producer has had her interview Presidents of the Pan African Parliament, sitting and former presidents including Uhuru Kenyatta, Yoweri Museveni, Jakaya Kikwete and Joachim Chissano. She has covered historic events most notably the Lt. Nelson Mandela's funeral, South Sudan's first anniversary celebrations and the World Cup in South Africa.

Christine is passionate about life, events and highly draws her being from family.