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April 24, 2019

DinnerTimeStories – Experience and adventure the world with “Le Petit Chef”

This extravagant fine dining experience takes you on the journey of “Le Petit Chef”, the smallest chef in the world. He tells his story as he follows in the footsteps of the legendary explorer Marco Polo on taste adventures, all while presenting you with the dinner of a lifetime.

DinnerTimeStories Gives a new meaning to Fine Dining

The show uses cutting edge, 3D visual technology and effective storytelling through what you see, hear and taste. The dining area becomes a bubble that takes you on a 5-senses culinary journey around the world. The mood, music, table patterns, authentic imported props and decoration all change with the chapters of the story immersing you in the most incredible meal you’ll every have!

The barely noticeable projector above your head follows Le Petit Chef’s story as he journeys, while cooking delicious meals on your plate and table top. I was able to taste and experience delicacies from places I have dreamed of visiting. In an instant, I was transported from India to China, the snowy mountains, deserts and the wondrous sandy beaches.

The adventure of Travel and Flavour

Being an adventurer myself, having travelled to some of these magical and extreme places, Dinnertime Stories was an immersive experience of adventure, travel and food – my favourite combination.

From the moment this six-course fine dining journey begins, you cannot help but become completely captivated by what is in front of you. The award winning Executive Chef Tristan Latouf, makes sure you experience all the flavours from the different parts of the world in the most unique, mouth-watering way possible.

Paired with my meal was a wine tasting to remember. Each wine brought out every distinctive taste of each dish, perfectly. While every dish was better than the last, the highlight for me was the curry from India and the French dessert was classic with a twist.

However, although the adventure is fantastic, half of the reason it’s such an amazing travel experience is because of the people you go with and the different tastes you have when you’re there.

That’s what makes it such a unique experience – you going with someone you love, on an adventure and experiencing tastes from around the world.

It feels like in one night you’ve had a holiday and an adventure with the people you love.

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Photographer: Erik Foster

Written by Nicole Capper for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife