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June 30, 2019

Cell C Inanda Africa Polo Cup 2019 – an action-packed day with a display of exceptional horsemanship

The Prestigious Cell C Inanda Africa Cup returns to the exclusive Inanda Club nestled in the heart of Sandton. The #ARTANDAFRICANSPIRIT weaves the African Spirit, as the event was eagerly anticipated this eclectic sporting and social event marked the topmost of Africa’s polo season.

The tournament over the years has brought together a display of exceptional horsemanship among teams from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This highly anticipated tournament attracts the business elite, celebrities, influencers, VIPs, polo lovers and society figures from all over the continent. In true polo tradition, the tournament pays honour to the high-speed, high-skill game of polo – The Game of Kings.

Cell C welcomed polo enthusiasts to the Inanda Club to enjoy an afternoon fête complete with an exhilarating day of polo. The theme promised several artistic interpretations through African artistry, live fashion and cuisine, set against the background of the game.

Two Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa Ambassadors were invited to this most prestigious event, and this is what they thought:

Tamara Pheiffer

I woke up filled with the butterflies. You know that feeling…? The one where you just feel, in your bones, that something magical is about to happen. The tingle in your toes of new love and adventure.

As I stepped onto that red carpet, my heels sinking into the lush luxury, I felt that excitement start to build inside me, yet I had no idea what would await us on the other side.

One more step and we entered a world of exploding colours. Everything dripped with class and every corner with high fashion and celebrities in true South African style. I felt like Alice stepping into wonderland.

There is nothing quite as rich and effervescent as shweshwe draped over all shapes, sizes and backgrounds uniting us in the beauty that is Africa.

Delicate and delectable little treats floated around on trays, their intoxicating aroma filling the air, just waiting for you melt into their flavour.

A better theme could not have been chosen for this year’s Cell C Africa Cup than #artandafricanspirit and the spirit truly sang on Sunday!

An impeccable event, with incredible people and deep, stimulating conversation.

I will not miss this next year… neither should you.

Boitumelo Rametsi

The Cell C Inanda Africa Cup was nothing short of an amazing experience. From a warm welcome at the Polo VIP lounge entrance by the hosts you can’t help but notice the beauty of the freshly picked Proteas.  These flowers symbolize change and transformation across our diverse cultures and can’t help but bring an ambiance of celebration to the atmosphere.

The event had all sorts of luxurious offerings from the welcome drink, beautifully styled mannequins in designer clothing, jewellery from places like Ledikana, delicious floating food and luxurious BMWs EVERYWHERE! There was just an amazing buzz of moments not to be missed.

Written by Tamara Pheiffer and Boitumelo Rametsi for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa