Travel through time at the SAADA Expo

August 11, 2016

Travel through time at the SAADA Expo Johannesburg


It’s that time of the year again… The SAADA Expo Johannesburg is only a few months away.


Ever wished you could jump onto an epochtoplane and travel through time, maybe have a cup of tea with Queen Victoria, or do the Lindy Hop in Art Deco New York? Taking place from 28 to 30 October, with the highly anticipated gala evening opening the festivities on the night of 27 October, the SAADA Expo Johannesburg aims to exceed all previous years.


“The SAADA expo is a fully vetted showcase of the best in South African antiques, art and design, except this year, the event will be a little bigger, and a lot sexier,” says SAADA CEO, Paul Mrkusic. Working with the theme of ‘Time Travel’, guests will feel like they are being transported through various decades via the design and antiques showcased.


“In today’s world of immediacy it’s easy to think that design just pertains to the ‘here and now’ – almost as though it just fell out of the sky. Sometimes that’s as much attention as we give it before moving on to look at, tweet and share the next brilliant thing that crosses our path or catches our eye. It’s easy to forget that everything that surrounds us is not so fashion-forward as to have no past, but that each and every edgy innovation we see and experience has had an enormous amount of time and thought and intellectual exploration and experimentation put into it,” Mrkusic continues.


What sets the SAADA Expo apart is that, quite simply, there is nothing else like it. “Unlike other events, that focus on a singular contemporary, innately transient moment, our annual expos are a boutique-style celebration of the vast history of design – past, present and future – and not simply a contemporary moment thereof. This assures the extraordinary variety of exhibits: each unique item on show tells its own story, while at the same time it is a piece in the great and glorious puzzle of design through time,” explains Mrkusic.
And you thought virtual reality was invented today? Gaze through this late 19th Century stereo viewer in amazement – and see yesteryear in 3D! This is one of several Underwood & Underwood Anglo-Boer photographic cards – it’s time travel made possible! From Bancroft Antiques, this is just one of thousands of items that will be on show at this year’s SAADA Expo.


Full details of the expo: Gala Opening: Thursday 27th October

Expo opening: Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October, from 10am to 6pm

Venue: The Wanderers Club, 21 North Road, Illovo.


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