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May 21, 2018

Skin & Sanctuary is an Advanced Cosmetic and Skin Wellbeing Clinic, one opened in August 2017 by, Dr Saira Vasdev and Sonia Rishi.

They are both passionate about Skin Health and providing super results alongside great client service. they opened in Hackney are also passionate East Londoners and thought they had the skills and experience to help the beautiful people of Hackney be even more beautiful. Non-surgical skin treatments, products and the technology around it has developed dramatically in recent years and they felt it was a service missing from an area that’s usually ahead of the curve.

Saira is an Aesthetic Doctor. She has a background in Anaesthesia having spent around ten years working in Hospital ICU and A&E Departments. She made the move to Aesthetics around four years ago, becoming the resident lead Doctor at the Waterhouse Young Clinic in Devonshire Place and is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading injectors. She was one of the first UK Aesthetic Doctors to use Profhilo (a favourite of beauty journalists like Alice Hart-Davies) and is known for her natural but enhancing touch.

All treatments at Skin & Sanctuary are bespoke to the individual clients’ skin health needs. They use Visia Imaging Technology (in addition to Saira’s experience) to assess the face and provide each client with a detailed treatment plan, to include skin care products as well as treatments.

All of the injectable treatments are administered by Saira. In addition to Profhilo Skin Remodelling she is highly experienced in Botox, Fillers (full face, as well as eyes, lips and face sculpting) as well as helping clients with particular concerns such as sagging neck or décolletage, teeth clenching and excessive sweating.

In addition to Injectable Confidence Enhancing treatments Skin & Sanctuary also offer a range of medical facials and peels. The objective being to become the place where you can go to for all of your skin health needs. Facials are administered by the super and highly experienced facialist Fatma Gunduz, who is not only an expert in using new treatments like the Hydrafacial and WOW Facial but also has quite magic hands.

Here’s a link to more information about the technology:

W:  Visia Complexion Analysis / Skin & Sanctuary Bookings
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T:  0203 905 5555
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