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August 14, 2018

Picture it: They’re standing in the Piazza San Marco in Venice after a long, rosé-all-day kind of lunch and a gondola ride underneath the Bridge of Sighs. He gets down on one knee, tells her he loves her, and asks her to spend the rest of their lives together. He opens the ring box. She gasps.

Not with delight, but pure surprise at how… much she didn’t expect her dream engagement ring to look like it does.
This is the stuff awkward situations are made of. Truth be told, choosing an engagement ring can be a stressful milestone in a man’s life and it can go horribly wrong. Should he follow these simple steps, where everything about buying a diamond ring is mapped out, it should be one of the greatest moments in his life, and will surely make popping the question a whole lot easier.

An expert’s guide to buying the perfect engagement ring

Are you planning to make that lifetime commitment? Is popping that all-important question moments away, but just until you find the perfect ring?

Since ring options are endless and considerations plenty, it’s no surprise that you’re in a complete tail spin. Somewhere during your research you’ve probably heard talk of a solitaire or a halo, but what are they? There’s even been mention here and there of a princess; surely it can’t be the Sleeping Beauty kind? What about the metal? White, yellow or rose gold, maybe even platinum? At least that’s not too difficult to understand, right?

Take a breath. We have all of the information you need. In this article, Yair Shimansky, CEO of Shimansky Jewellers, South Africa’s leading diamond and tanzanite manufacturer, shares the key need-to-knows before buying an engagement ring and the fundamentals to consider before making that important purchase.

The Diamond Type:

The solitaire remains an all-time classic and the most popular choice among brides the world over. The four- to six-claw setting secures the diamond, allows light to enter the stone and adds to its overall brilliance. The solitaire ring is often accompanied by either a micro-set diamond wedding band to give it some extra sparkle, or a polished white gold band to add a touch of simplistic elegance.

Heavenly Halo:

As an alternative to a single diamond setting, the halo showcases multiple single diamonds around the striking main diamond. But what sets it apart from its counterparts? With this unique design, regardless of the carat weight, the halo diamond can look twice its original size. As a result, the halo ring has become the second most popular engagement ring for brides-to-be, next to the solitaire.

Her Individual Style:

Every woman dreams of the day when her engagement ring is slipped on her finger, so take some time to consider her style and taste. Thanks to technological advancements, craftsmen have the opportunity to cut and polish diamonds with different facets and fits to create unique engagement-ring styles to fit every bride’s personality and individual style.

An all-round popular choice, the princess cut diamond is square in shape with pointed corners, and next to the brilliant cut diamond, is the second most popular choice for brides around the world.

Her Ring Size :

This may prove challenging, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. And while most ring designs can easily be sized up or down, some can’t be resized that easily. Make sure it’s the perfect size and here’s what you need to do to get it:

Call a friend:

Why not request a favour from a reliable friend? Ask that he/she somehow gets your partner into a jewellery retailer for some random exploring and ring fitting – it can be done, just be creative. But remember to call the store beforehand, inform them about the visit and intention, and ask staff to discreetly get her ring size during the fitting.

Grab her ring:

If your partner already wears a ring on one or both of her ring fingers, do your best to get hold of it, walk into a jewellery retailer and let the experts help you get the right size. If that’s not possible, consider tracing her ring on paper and taking it to the store; that works too.

White, Yellow or Gold:

The metal doesn’t necessarily have an influence on the style of the ring, but does impact its overall look and feel. Platinum and white gold are most sought-after, whilst rose gold has gained popularity over the past few years.
The Budget:

Budget is the question on everyone’s lips. The diamond is the primary cost-driver with an engagement ring. A slight change in the colour or clarity of the diamond will impact the price. An expert jewellery consultant is able to recommend the best engagement ring, so know your budget beforehand.

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