Mbongeni Fakudze – African Featured

April 8, 2016

Allow us to transport you from your home into the lives and homes of the people living in the southern region of Africa. Mbongeni Fakudze, through his collection, The Value Series, communicates the women that you will find working, less than favorable occupations, to survive in Johannesburg.

Mbongeni Fakudze was born in Mbabane, Swaziland on April 16, 1982. He studied at Sifundzani Primary School and then attended Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA until Form 5. He then completed a Fine Arts correspondence course through the University of South Africa, Pretoria, where he attended Tswhane University of Technology in Pretoria for Fine Arts.

On completion, he returned to Swaziland where he registered a small company doing animation work for corporate advertising. After a few years he moved to Johannesburg where he studied 3D Animation in Randburg. After receiving his certification in 3D animation, Mbongeni returned to Swaziland and now does primarily visual art work. He now lives between Johannesburg and Swaziland.

Mbongeni’s Artistic process is driven primarily by photo manipulation. He takes photographs and then uses Photoshop to distort and manipulate them.

These resultant images then form the inspiration for his final pieces. Using this technique, his preferred medium is acrylic on digital print. He firmly believes that “art is not created, but rather discovered.” He therefore lets the piece unfold organically, discovering at the end “ Oh, so that’s what my mind was trying to tell me.”

His work deals largely with socio-political issues, but more recently he has begun making pieces that are more personally relevant – about his family, Swazi culture, his environment, or his emotional response to certain cultural institutions. While the subject matter behind each piece is very obvious to Mbongeni, to the viewer it may not be.

“It is extremely important for me to share my thoughts, experiences, and ideas with others and with the world. My art gives me a platform through which to do that – a voice.” For Mbongeni, the creation of art is a way of accessing a deeper part of himself and discovering what is relevant to him, his experiences, his fears, and his passions.

When asked about his abstract work, Mbongeni replied “I try and avoid the obvious, in order to challenge the viewer to see beyond the piece”. This way, the viewer will gain a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the piece – it will take them on a journey.”

Mbongeni is currently a featured artist at The Stephan Weltz and Co. Studio in Sandton.
They can be contacted on the following details:
Sweclo Studio
Shop L38 Nelson Mandela Square
Sandton City 2196
011 026 6567 / 6586

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