Hourglass, launches an army of female Game Changers Creating a Ripple Effect of Positivity in Business Across the UK

December 7, 2018

[London, December 8th 2018] Hourglass, a community of inspirational women, sets out on a mission to create a ripple effect of positivity across the UK. On Saturday, December 8th, the women’s organisation is hosting its end of year Game Changers event at Fora Borough in London. The group gathers inspirational women in the community from across a wide variety of industries to discuss the key factors to success in business and life.

Together the group will review the struggles faced when breaking boundaries to pursue the life of one’s dreams, this includes the hurdles, challenges and difficulties. The group will explore the power of a strong and positive mindset, how this can be developed, and how this way of thinking leads a women to achieve anything and everything in business and life.

“This is not a feminist movement, this is about getting real about the fabric of life, understanding the way it works. Success is nothing without being happy along the way, it’s mostly about mindset. Success can’t only be measured through financial gain, and we know how important it is to enjoy the journey because it’s never-ending when you are an entrepreneur and executive. As women (as people) we have a responsibility to be free to become who we are meant to become, and the happier we are whilst doing it, the happier our businesses, employees, vendors, customers, children and families will be too. It creates a ripple effect.”

Hourglass is a new kind of organisaiton, focused on a positive mindset combined with hard-earned business advice, skills, and tools for success. We offer women involved a supportive platform for business development, and through this women will gain a larger market share in investment, venture capital, and across a variety of industries, including those lacking female presence. Hourglass want to see more female owned businesses succeed, and more female executives continue to thrive at the male dominated ‘tops’ in this world.

Many women meet at Hourglass with nothing more than a new idea, whether it be for an established business or just starting out. At Hourglass ladies are able to discuss and grow concepts, and prosper due to the open mindset and support offered to continue to develop this way of thinking. Hourglass, is about facing fears, breaking glass ceilings, and putting the women with the heart, soul and good intentions at the front line.

We believe that the more we aim to inspire our communities the better the world will be for all of us. Men and children included.

Does Hourglass work with other women’s organisations?

At Hourglass we don’t look at other organisations as a threat, we look at all women in business networks, clubs, groups as our partners, as we believe in collaboration. We have seen a lot of support from women’s groups across the UK and internationally. Currently we are discussing partnerships and activities to be announced in 2019.

Are men allowed at Hourglass events?

At the moment we do not have men at our events, but this is certainly a topic for discussion. We have been approached by numerous men’s organisations on a similar mission to inspire and asked to collaborate. In 2019 we can look forward to further announcements around co-ed events.

So what’s next for Hourglass?

Hourglass is currently developing general topical events for female founders, executives, and women of influence. We are hosting Women of Influence events in 2019, where we join together to discuss the best next steps for making the greatest positive impact in society. Partnerships to be announced early 2019. We are also looking at a structured mentorship programme concept which is in development.

Is Hourglass international or just in the UK?

Since 2010 Hourglass has only operated in the UK. Lyndsay King founded Hourlgass as a way to join smart, savvy, business-minded women to discuss ideas and ventures at private events hosted out of her home. The concept gained so much traction over the years that she has taken the initiative to the masses and in 2019 will host events internationally. To be announced in 2019.

Is there a membership fee to join Hourglass?

No, there are no fees involved to join hourglass simple visit and register for the newsletter to be kept in touch with for upcoming announcements and events.

Who are the speakers at the Hourglass Game Changers Blitz Event on Saturday, 8th December 2018?

We are happy to announce an amazing lineup of speakers for the upcoming event on December 8th. With Lyndsay King, Hourglass Founder, and co-Founder of, and Alysia Helming are available for TV / Broadcast interviews on Friday 7th Dec. All speakers are readily available for interview. Please see full speaker bios in attached collateral.

Alysia Helming, international bestselling author, business strategist & clean energy pioneer is flying in from the west coast of the USA to speak about her road of successes, as a best selling author, and new American TV series launching in 2019. As a clean air guru, Alysia also founded the first wind farm in the USA. SHe is a master at bringing her ideas, dreams and goals to life, and can speak more on this topic. Alysia is available for TV / Radio interviews on Friday, December 7th in the UK. She is also able to participate in telephone and written interviews upon request.
HRH Princess Moradeun is a Veteran Broadcaster, Seasoned Media Specialist, Project Management Consultant, Trainer & Mentor; Speaker, Cultural Ambassador and Community Leader, A real ‘Yoruba Princess’ of the Adedoyin Anoko Royal Lineage

Charlotte de Davis, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Founder

She recently (Oct 11 2018) hosted the last event to ever take place at the world famous Annabel’s private members club in historical Berkeley Square in London’s Mayfair raising over £70,000 for charities in honour of the UN International Day of the Girl Child, and other charities.

Stephanie Brown, Property Investor, Author, Career Coach and Marketeer Life After Fired

Mallika Basu, Food Writer, Author Masala, Indian Cooking for Modern Living, and PR Consultant: Mallika Basu

Mikaela Jackson, Performance Coach She Almighty

Nina Samuel-Camps, Mindfulness Trainer How to be Mindful

Renea Catania, Business Owner and Co-Founder Kickass Women in Money and Life

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