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December 6, 2016

Eftychis embodies principles of understated design: simplicity, purism and seduction.

Your home and work space, are possibly the most personal of all aspects of your life, especially when you are building. Letting someone into your world to turn dreams into reality, is not only personal, but requires a huge amount of faith in their abilities.  The Luxuria team, have been searching for the perfect African designer, to build the perfect dream home/office. We found  Emilio Eftychis and his firm Eftychis.


Emilio was born in 1978 into a traditionally Greek family. His father is an architect and painter and his parents have been incredibly influential throughout his career as an artist and architect. Emilio’s design philosophies are also largely influenced by his travels abroad and his parents’ efforts to expose him to a vast variety of the worlds’ cultures.

Emilio, studied architecture at the University of Pretoria where he graduated with a Cum Laude Master’s degree in Architecture. Emilio’s artistic talent has great range. He is passionate about the piano and studied jazz at Tshwane University of Technology. His creative passion is seen not only in his architecture, but also in the sculptures and bespoke furniture creations. Translating dreams into reality takes more than just design skill, it takes passion and the unique ability to truly listen to every client. Emilio has this mastered.


EFTYCHIS is a creative firm incorporating expertise across the disciplines of architecture, interior design, furniture design and construction and creative directing. This chimerical mix of expertise comes to together seamlessly to birth bespoke demiurgic structures across a number of mediums. Very few creative firms are able to truly live up to the meaning of bespoke. This is why we have selected Eftychis, their diverse portfolio speaks more of the unique and brilliant minds of their clients, than anything we have encountered.


The main project we have featured is, a home designed for the Lotheringen  family in Pretoria, South Africa. This magnificent building is a modern take on the original barn conversion. The owner’s passion for engineering, functionality and integrated living can be seen in every aspect of the home, from the whitewashed walls to Rodesian oak flooring. Seen throughout the house where some genuine Emilio sculpture and furniture originals.

Climate and the ecological aspects of the natural site are integral elements of this project. The home is eco-sustainable in its design. Solar panels are employed for water and underfloor heating; rainwater is collected for drinking purposes; and grey water for the irrigation of the indigenous landscape. The biofilters and sand contained in terraced enclosures filter the pool water, which is oxygenated by means of waterlilies.

The journey through this project, has been one of true passion. Emilio and his team, are truly able to convert the ideological thoughts of their clients, into a stark and refined reality.

To find out more and get the team to help realise your dream project please visit their website here:


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