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December 15, 2016

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Delicate beauty like love is in constant motion. The perfect gift, needs to speak of the nature of your relationship and be a representation of the value you place on the person you give it to.

I have taken the journey of brands to find the perfect gift for the love of your life. The streets and centres across Africa speak of beauty and refinement, but none so loud as the Bulgari store in Sandton City. Here alongside the classic serpentine collection lies the perfect gift. From Bulgari’s Diva’s Dream Collection is a ring masterpiece– The Eleganza Range. The perfect gift, for the woman that brings definition to your life.

Each ring and pendant holds up to 10ct. of precious stones set in 18ct. rose gold, white gold or classic yellow gold. Each delicate petal moves independently of the next allowing the stones and gold to catch their own natural light. Inspired by nature the ring is the epiphany of craftsmanship, not a single imperfection and natural movement second to none. These masterpieces of modern fashion, speak volumes to a woman in terms of confidence and beauty. Adorn your loved ones this year with the grace and power of modern Rome.

Bulgari, have yet again created an icon. A gift that will survive not only time but trend as well. The history and legacy, of Bulgari is in their quality. The relevance is found in, Bulgari’s ability to be ahead of the trend and create yet another timeless piece of expression. Love is far easier to define with the help of the Italian institution that is Bulgari.

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