Brocket Hall Unveils its Spring Exhibition

March 15, 2018

Reaching by Nicola Bealing

In a dynamic collaboration between the stately home – Brocket Hall and the Chelsea-based Cadogan Contemporary art gallery, an outstanding exhibition of paintings is on show in the naturally perfect setting for the leisurely contemplation of contemporary art.

The exhibition, which is held in the Watershyppes building in the heart of the Brocket Hall estate, signals the first of many such events that will feature the best contemporary British and international artists curated by the respected gallery.

The main contributors to the first exhibit are leading British landscape artists Louise Balaam and Janette Kerr, two of the most respected contemporary painters of the genre, and both members of the prestigious Royal West of England Academy. Their techniques and inspirations differ, but both artists create energetic and compelling works of art. Louise Balaam’s canvasses draw on the English landscape tradition exemplified by Turner and Constable. Intensely atmospheric and emotional, they are a fresh response to a quintessentially familiar environment.

In contrast, Janette Kerr’s approach is viscerally robust. Her canvasses surge with vigour in an attempt to capture the planet’s harshest conditions.Complementing this dramatic selection, Brocket Hall will also be showcasing a vibrant display of paintings by Nicola Bealing. Bealing’s art appeals on a very personal level, a riot of bright colours, her work introduces a note of human exuberance to the majestic depictions of nature.

And in further contrast there is a singular selection of the work of Israeli artist Itzchak Tarkay in a piece titled, ‘The Fiancée’ – a delicately drawn study evoking contemplation and serenity, striking yet another chord within this lively experience.

Founder of Cadogan Contemporary, Christopher Burness, says: ‘The aesthetic sensibilities of our gallery are quite wide ranging – from representational landscape painting to abstraction. The first series we are presenting at Brocket Hall are landscape and figuratively based. We hope to introduce a wider range of the gallery’s artists as time goes on.’

Michael Longshaw, Brocket Estate Managing Director

Michael Longshaw, Managing Director of the Brocket Estate, has been responsible for rekindling the property’s long-held ties to the art world, not only via this initiative but through the founding of the Lady Caroline Lamb Arts and Entertainments Club which held its inaugural evening last month. Michael Longshaw commented: ‘Brocket Hall has a long tradition of supporting the arts. In fact, you only have to look in the stately home itself you to see the wealth of our legacy here. As such, we embrace our affiliation with Cadogan Contemporary and look forward to championing a refreshing new wave of talented artists under their careful curation.’

Upcoming dates available for a sumptuous and chic afternoon tea on Sunday 22nd April and Sunday 20th May in the Watershyppes restaurant, while enjoying the artwork.

To make a reservation please contact Reception: 01707 368700 or email Brocket Hall

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